Jesus was given to all of humanity to redeem us from the curse of death, hell, and the grave.

The moment that someone says "YES" to the Lordship of Jesus Christ of  Nazareth, the value of that life is forever changed and becomes a gift to everyone that has known, knows, and will come to know them!  Hence our weekly reminder at the close of worship service, "You are The GIFT!"  Because of Christ's presence in our lives, we become people of great value, and add value to the lives of others, all to the glory of God!

The Greater Immanuel Faith Temple--The GIFT is a people called out to be a source of healing, hope, and help for those who desire to maximize all that God has purposed, promised, and prepared for our lives.  You will never regret your decision to become a part of The GIFT.  

1.  Initial Interest

Whether you are new to church or structured spirituality, or you are someone who has been disappointed or wounded in a previous affiliation, or among those who recognize that it is time for a fresh start in your discipleship, The GIFT is for you.  Your initial interest is all that it takes.  All that is required is letting us know that you are interested--an email to us at, a comment on a streaming experience, or appearing in-person at the altar during the invitation.  A member of our Covenant Relationship and Discipleship Team will make themselves available to pray with you, answer your questions, and help you discover the true gift of this moment.

2.  GIFT Wrapping

Our childhood years teach us how to be the children of our parents or those who have/had responsibility for our rearing.  In like manner, there must be a similar time of learning and training if we are to be the children of God.  There are things we must learn to actualize the promises of God in our lives and there are likely things we should unlearn to eliminate any further obstacles and delays.  GIFT Wrapping is a series of teachings that help to achieve this learning and acclimate you to life in the GIFT Nation.

3.  GIFT Registry

All of the learning needs to be lived out.  There are multiple serving teams and ministries in The GIFT that affords each of us that privilege and responsibility.  Once a GIFT Citizen has completed GIFT Wrapping, there will be opportunities for exploration and discovery of where you can put your gifts to work to the benefit of others and the resounding glory of God!

4. Live GIFTED!

There is nothing sweeter than seeing the promises of God manifest in our lives.  Living out our faith causes issues to be resolved, possibilities to yield their fruit, and better days to give way to best days.  Psalm 145 admonishes us that "the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever." 


The GIFT is for YOU!

​​T h e  G I F T

The Greater Immanuel Faith Temple