The   G r e a t e r   I m m a n u e l   F a i t h   T e m p l e

   The Reverend Lisa C. Harvin, MSW--Co-Pastor                                                                           Bishop Durant K. Harvin III, D. Min.--Senior Pastor

Serving Teams

Administration and Support

The Reverend Demitria Brown, Team Leader

Children and Youth Ministry Team

Covenant Relationship and Discipleship Team

The Reverend Clinton B. Cole, Jr. and Reverend Trina Rawles, Team Leaders

Diaconate Ministry

Deacon Michelle Hall-Davis, Team Leader

Evangelism and Church Growth Task Force

Brother William Simmons, Team Leader

Community Outreach and Advocacy Serving Team

First Impressions and Hospitality Team

Deacon Laurie O'Neal and Sister Morienke Henson, Team Leaders


The Reverend Clinton B. Cole, Jr., Team Leader


Pastor Lisa C. Harvin, Team  Leader

GIFT Temple Care

Deacon Kevin and Sister Sybill Hill, Team Leaders

Intercessory Prayer and Supplication Team

Elder Charlene P. Bennett, Team Leader

Judah Tech

The Reverend Janel Y. Brown, Team Leader

Public Safety and Security Team

Minister Kevin L. Underdue, Team Leader

Stewardship and Finance Team

Sister Joyce Turner, Team Leader

Worship Planning and Coordination Team

Pastor Lisa C. Harvin, Team Leader